Deliberating with Myself

The part of the exercise which represents the spatial quality of inhabitation in the form of narration or story was exciting to me. A challenge of using sketches and portraits of previous exercises to build our narration gives spontaneity and creativity to the work. As these exercises are executed with completely different context, one of the major tasks was to recreate them in such a way that it seems to belong to one exercise. I have realized after this step that this is a good opportunity to compile some of the previous work and can showcase them in the brief. The idea of the narration gives me a different perspective to express the spacial quality. I have never known that the drama could also be the medium for expressing the spatial quality of space. Here the drama is running along with the obscure facts describing the space which I like to inhabit.

The colour palette I have chosen is respecting the idea of a thought or a dream that is talked about by both characters. The dark background with the sketches and portrait of ochre and orange tones on the top reflects the idea of a spark or light in the darkness. Like the memories are old and  blurred out, but still the strongest part of that has an impression somewhere in the mind.

The brief narration helps me to find out the essential qualities of my spaces and now we have to summarize those in the form of images and programs. The idea of the spaces which look outward either towards each other or in the surroundings was well demonstrated by the abstract illustration. The image behind it was a certain specified movement for the number of spaces but the movement of vision is not defined for any of this space. On the basis of these steps the last thing derived was a spatial diagram showing the connections and relationships of the varied spaces. The organization of the bubble was thought about as per the proximity and the idea of image.

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