Back to Childhood home

Remembering my neighborhood from 10 years ago brings back memories of wonderful and enjoyable events. Surat is a city on the fringes of which I grew up. Observing how things have changed over the years makes me sad. Certain places, when visited by certain people, become special and remind me of happy times spent together. I used to spend most of my time at Nani’s house and visiting shops with uncle to buy sweets, playing with my cousins in the park, around the banyan tree, swinging on the tire at the edge of a small river, throwing stones in the lake, and spending most of my time at Nani’s house and visiting shops with uncle to buy sweets. There used to be so many different types of trees to choose from when it came to eating fruits. the emotions and experience of the places cannot be retained again.

Monochromatic line drawing of my neighborhood

To illustrate my home’s atmosphere, I created a series of collages that depicted a variety of senses: sound, scent, warmth, texture, rhythm, light, and shadows. I created a thermocol replica of my house by excavating the material. In order to replicate the thermocol’s texture, I crumbed it up and pasted it on the canvas. Colors such as orange, yellow, and blue are used to convey how warm and chilly the house is. In the black frame, light and shadows are depicted. The rhythm is represented by the up-down pattern. In the zigzag cutout, there is a lot of green.

Childhood Memories Collage

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