Amalgamation of Memories

The brief suggests looking back at the memories of a decade earlier of my home and neighbourhood surrounding it. The task was to recollect the certain characteristics and events from the memory which left the image in my mind for more than a decade. So characteristics like the nature of inhabitation, volume of the space, quality of light, warmth & coolness and nature of sound should be thought about. Then these become the different elements for the collage which portrays my memories. So this exercise helps me to touch upon the memorable experiences which are fading away by the time.

The first collage gives the image of my neighbourhood  from the memories in an abstract way. The different colour card papers are used as a main base for the collage as they are minimal and legible. These contrasting colour papers are good to present my ideas with boldness and confidence. The ochre paper acts as a ground and in the negative space the blue paper differentiates the type of ground. The slightly lighter strokes of colour pencil acts as a supporting layer for the layer below.

For the second collage, I have started the exercise of imagining the form of my house from memory and carved out in the thermocol. During the process I realized that due to the material property of thermocouple, I have to improvise in the form. Though the thermocol model was not exactly the same I have thought still it gives the impression of my home. The key decision in this collage was to place the different elements on the canvas as the placement of a single element can change the whole meaning. Then the colours of background help to build a certain relationship between these different elements.

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