A Dive to Childhood

Looking back at the long-forgotten memories of our childhood was sure going to be a nostalgic experience. Remembering the subtleties like the smells we remembered from the Rasoi of our homes or the smells of the flowers that were only be seen in our neighbourhood or the textures of floors where we used to play till late at night and the colours of sky when the sun sets in the evening. Things defiantly seems to have a different glow when we were a child playing around and never have to worry about life.

The exercise we did this week was a collage making exercise and a map-making exercise of our childhood, not actual but associative. A couple of iterations were made for both the exercises till we achieved the proper representation we intend to achieve.

The exercise begins with me remembering the time I spent in the neighbourhood when I was six-year-old, where I spent most of my childhood and where I grew up. Though initially, the exercise felt a little intimidating that feeling didn’t last for long as happy memories soon started flooding my consciousness. I then represented the neighbourhood just the way I remembered it, that is to say, how much of the railway station and parks and small roads was a big part of my life.

The second part of the exercise was collage making. The collage includes the smells, sight, the noise and voices we remembered and the texture and surfaces we touched. This too was intimidating at first and I doubted my memories at first but things became more solid and I became surer of my memories as the exercise proceeded. Not only that I rediscovered a lot of memories that got somewhere buried.

The whole exercise was an experience that sure going to impact my upcoming designs because its interesting to realize how much your past and childhood in general can impact your present, your thinking process and designs.

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