Remember when.

The map of my neighborhood is something miniature painting with all the festivals, the main road and so many neighbors doing different activities along with my home. I was living in kind of mass housing during my childhood, I’ve so many memories with so many people in so many spaces around my neighborhood. And I had to take down every single thing on the paper. This exercise I enjoyed so much doing. At first, I wasn’t quite sure about the representation, like how to represent these many activities on one sheet. I was sure about the miniature painting but wasn’t sure that if I want monochrome or colorful medium to represent childhood my spaces and feelings. So I gave black and white drawing a shot, but because it was monochrome there were a lot of empty spaces, and I wasn’t feeling much by seeing it. So I tried monochrome colors.

Iteration 1

Iteration 2

Iteration 3

I loved the exercise so much that I had to try something different from a different perspective and not only to refine my previous iteration. I tried cutting a section and showed not particularly 3d, but something like that with some folded elevation.

Axo iteration

Abstract thermocol model for the collage of the home of my memories was something I learned a lot from. The thermocol model was the VSR exercise of the childhood home. The exercise really refreshed me and reminded me of the spaces of my childhood home. The exercise went forward with the workshop for the collage, which I had no idea will use thermal model for the collage. Had to represent 5 senses in the collage. And that really bring all my feelings of my childhood home back. My home was in a grid, so to represent senses I couldn’t think of anything but grid. In the workshop, we had to make each element of the collage in 3-4 minutes. That really didn’t give us any time to think anything about the design and representation of the collage, but to memorize quickly and represent that feeling that sense we used to get in our childhood home. The collage really brought my body and mind together. That iteration with the grid kind of seemed empty with 6 grids in it. So for the final one I thought of more feelings and sense and tried to make more grid.

My childhood home was an apartment and mine was somewhat far from the road,, so the sounds of the vehicles used to come less. But the sounds of a lot of people and birds was constantly there. Same thing with light, some rooms used to get so lit and some were darker. So mostly the place used to be quite cooler than usual temperature of my town. In summer the warmness in the house was there because the terrace was straight up of my flat that also during afternoon. I still remember the smell of the fresh vegetation along with some dust of the sand below one side of the flat where the playground was there. And the texture of the tiles I felt when I used to roam around my home.


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