Story of My Childhood’s Neighborhood on Canvas

When I saw the brief I had just started thinking of my childhood. While doing attempt for my iteration neighborhood experience of recalling all my memory was feel really attached with those spaces. So I had decide to do monochromatic sketch and render it. After review from tutors and my peers I changed the medium. So In my final attempt I had done in blue monochromatic sketch. The experience of changing medium helps me to highlight important space in my childhood. The most important thing is I enjoyed this process.

After done that we had a workshop for collage of “home of my memories”. The experience of workshop is so energetic we had made elements for our collage in short in time it gives me an experience of quick attempt on my work. On that day in VSR we had made one element which is our house’s space carve out from two inch thick thermocol. I had enjoy the experience of carving spaces. Using different materials and even quick decision of taken all different materials at the end how they emerging with each other and adding texture it completes the collage. 

After done this exercise I realize that changes and attempts makes more possibilities. Thinking is important but until that thought is not applied in attempt we don’t realize it is working or not. I enjoyed this exercise and I learned this points which are mention above. 

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