Time Travel

In the past week, I travelled back in time to the fond memories of my childhood home and surrounding neighbourhood. Growing up in the heart of the city that never sleeps, there was always constant activity around me irrespective of the time, weather or age. During my childhood, every part of the neighbourhood had a different memory and story attached to it out of which I chose my most memorable encounters in and around my home. Ranging from a yummy sweet stall to a scary dentist (who I still fear), my neighbourhood had created memories for it all!

Upon starting the exercise, I was hit by a wave of nostalgia and was excited to bring my childhood on paper. I pondered upon ways to represent my childhood days on the cognitive map through various techniques including iconography, monochromatic sketches and using a range of materials to depict certain emotions. The cognitive map below has illustrative icons which reflect upon the various emotions and feelings while the sketches provide spatial qualities of the specific memory. To bring out the vibrancy of my neighbourhood in my childhood, I have used bright colours around the map. The mixed memories cater to a wide spectrum of feelings from the joy of ice cream treats to the spine chilling moments while dogs chased me on my bicycle.

Cognitive Map: In the above map I have portrayed memories of a spectrum of emotions through different colours and icons to give the viewer a glimpse of my experiences while growing up in this neighbourhood.

The collage of my childhood home depicts memories associated with the different spaces in this home as a child. I have thought about all my strongest associations of the five senses with each memory and tried to put it on paper to provide the viewer a sneak peek of my childhood experiences. To further enhance the sensory experiences, I have made use of mixed media in the collage.

My Childhood HomeIteration 1: Different emotions and memories associated with my childhood home have been portrayed through the collage using different forms of expression.

The visual walkthrough through the house made me pause in each space and realize that consciously and subconsciously, the architectural elements of this house has left an impact on my body and memory. It was a pleasant experience recollecting the memories and interpreting others work and as a result to know them better. Earlier, I would have spent a lot of time planning out the layout and materials I would use for the collage, but this time, I learnt how to be spontaneous and let my ideas flow through my hand without much prior planning. To create multiple iterations that portray the same emotions, I worked with different mediums to bring out my ideas effectively and tested different compositions.

My Childhood Home- Iteration 3: Multiple emotions and memories associated with the five senses in this home have been portrayed on paper while including a thermocol model of my home in the collage too.

While it was difficult to make multiple trials for expressing a single abstract idea, I realized that many memories of my childhood were interwoven with my those of my teen years. Hence, it was sometimes difficult to distinguish between the two.

Overall, it was a fun exercise which helped me bring emotions to life through different mediums and also got me reminiscing my memorable childhood days.

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