The Hood & the Home

My neighborhood in Bangalore, when I was 10 years old, was a hill full of varying zones. Zones, not differentiated by boundaries necessarily , but by activities and emotions that they were designed for. Zones of togetherness: the parks, of chaos: the markets, of fear: gathering areas of dogs, of mystery: the air force camps and of tranquility: our homes. These zones made up my neighborhood and fulfilled the needs and wants of all the different kinds of people that lived there in harmony. 

A Monochromatic Line Drawing of my Neighborhood

The process of trying to represent these different zones and the emotions felt in each of them was quite peculiar in a lot of ways. The quality, quantity and even the nature of the strokes of the lines differed to bring out the different character of each space. 

Remembering such details from a decade ago was no easy task, but I believe what really impacted me back then has stayed with me till now and is easily accessible in the assortment of memories I carry with me, always. Things that left a mark more than the others automatically grew larger in terms of scale on this cognitive map of the neighborhood, asserting their dominance on paper just like they do in my memories. 

My childhood home was the first soul that inspired me to explore architecture and its interdependence with the basic elements of life. A collage representing an archaeological excavation of the same along with different materials and textures representing light, sound, smells, temperature and even rhythms put together harmoniously brings out the emotions that each of these elements gave birth to and hence allowed for life to thrive in the home. 

Archaeological Excavation of the Home
Distinct Elements used to Represent Sound, Smells, Temperature & Light

The spontaneity in constructing a representation for each of the elements helped me to subconsciously recreate the feelings my senses encountered when I was in the home, a decade ago. Spontaneity, a catalyst in the process of remembering, I realized, helped to focus solely on the most essential memory and its corresponding emotions. 

Collage of my Childhood Home and an Essence of the Elements

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