Revisiting My Neighborhood

Memories of childhood becomes the ultimate life long memory which brings a smile on our faces whenever we recall them. When recollected memories of my childhood it gave a delighted feeling. I remember I was a very happy kid with no worries and was free to do whatever I feel or want. I belong to a joint family hence as a kid I had really amazing time playing and spending time with my family. As both of my parents are working and I spent most of the time with my grandparents during the day even now. when i recalled my neighborhood as an kid it was such an delighted feeling remembering how I used to spend my day around neighborhood with friends and my family.

The exercise had two parts the first one was my neighborhood where we had to create a map of our neighborhood before a decade. Initially I started with a mapping my neighborhood in a normal way, to identify the location of the spaces and after doing that according to spaces I remember enjoying the most I created a monochromatic graphical map, but as per discussion my map didn’t had any expressions as it was all monochromatic.

After having comments and discussion on my first iteration and started making another map following the grid and my city follows a grid. the places where same a the first iteration but this time I used little more details and colored my map. While making this map I really felt going back to those care-free golden days where I used play with my doll house with my friend at home, playing outdoor games with cousins and friends, going to my uncle’s house to play with Bruno, playing in mud in the front yard of their house, buying candies from a roadside shop, going to park, every morning I used to go to temple with my grandma and used to spend some time their playing on swings. I love ice-cream a lot from childhood to till date and having a grandfather who never refused to buy me a ice-cream everyday. Our family owns an shop beside the general where my grandfather sits, so while coming back from temple I everyday used to go there and have an ice-cream. At evenings I used go to central garden which is just behind our sector, with my parents and spend sometime playing there and sometimes going to the fountain. I feel I really had an amazing childhood spending most of the time with my family

The next part of the exercise was home of my memories, where we had to create a collage representing the spaces and emotions of experiencing light, warmth and cold, sound etc. This was an fun exercise as our tutor made us do it in a given time limit as he said we mess up things if we think a lot and I also really felt that. So we created five different elements and than placed it on a canvas and tried to built a connection between them. I enjoyed a lot doing this exercise and looking further to do more such learning with fun exercises.

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