Mental Time Travel

Module two started with us remembering our childhood memories and putting them down on paper as maps and collages. The first step was to remember our neighbourhood from when we were children and make a cognitive map out of it. There are mainly happy memories associated with my childhood hence the process uplifted my mood. My main aim was to narrate my childhood stories through this map. It involved a lot of visual thinking and a little pressure to remember a more vivid picture.

While reminiscing those memories, it unintentionally led me to create a graphic imagination of the future. For example, throughout my childhood my family followed this Sunday ritual of going to have kulfi after dinner and my sister and I used to sit on the bonnet of our car while having it. This memory made me realise how our parents shaped our childhood and it led me to imagine myself following a ritual like this in the future with my children. A cohesive narrative of different events of my childhood around my neighbourhood is plotted on this cognitive map.

The second part of the exercise was to recollect the spaces in our childhood home and make a collage of it. The workshop held for this exercise involved us representing different elements and then assembling them together. After the second iteration, I realised the importance of having an eye for composition to make a good collage. The flexibility in materials, expressive nature of the process and the emotional connection to collage all led to a very explorative journey.

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