Memory Hood

Cognitive map drawing

Recollecting some ten years old memories of my childhood home and representing it was really fun. We get happy emotions while thinking of our memories strongly associated with us, like our friends house, favourite park, best fun activities and many more. 

Firstly, I made a cognitive map of my childhood neighborhood, showing my home, the street I used to play, and the movements I remembered strongly. In the image below one can see a map of my childhood memories. 

collage of my neighborhood

Ten years ago, I lived in Essar Township near Hazira, having River Tapi on one side and The Arabian sea on the other side. The township is full of nature, having lots of trees, flowers and Domestic animals. In the above drawing one can locate my home shown in yellow on the last second street. Me and my friends used to play a lot after school in that street. My best friend and I used to cycle a lot, anywhere we wanted to go we travelled on our cycles, be it a school, tuition, birthday party or any cultural event like navratri. I remember going for a horse ride every Saturday and Sunday. The best memory of my childhood was catching the camel cart for riding across the township, as it used to travel to every street for delivering mineral water to several houses. 

collage of my home of childhood memories

Later on I represented my childhood memories through a collage showing elements like sound, smell, light, warmth, texture, rhythm and space. The first attempt of making the collage was done in a studio workshop held by Siddharth Singh (studio tutor of Body Memory Architecture). In the collages below each element was to be made very spontaneously. I started with the sound element showing the birds chirping, the disturbing noise made by kids playing, and dark silence which roamed mostly everywhere. For showing the smell element, I mostly could remember lush greenery in the surroundings which smelled even better in the monsoon, and the muddy smell in monsoons. Due to dense greenery, there was a feeling of enclosure and dim light everywhere, enough light was there on the streets and at home. This enclosure made  me feel safe giving a visual warmth. Although it was cool as it had water bodies very near. As it is a township I recall everything in repetition and rhythm, but to me having an almond tree in everyone’s parking area was interesting, the zig-zag pattern (when seen in plan view) made by it was very fascinating.

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