Looking Back at Memories

Times flies by easily as we grow old, get on with life and forgets about the good times we had. It’s the memories that we are left with and hold on to. Looking back at those memories through photos and sketching the members in the photographs was a beautiful and a peaceful experience. Not only I had my daily sketching practice but get to relive and got lost in some long-forgotten memories of my childhood.

In the two-week long module, we looked at many photographs which were more than a decade old. We carefully examined and looked at the expressions, postures and positions and emotions associated with the pictures. we drew the people and the spaces in the pictures with different mediums highlighting different aspects of the photos. Though pictures being so old and worned out that in some cases it was hard to make out the delicate features like eyes and lips, yet these imperfections somehow added to the aesthetic values of the pictures, maybe because these aspects can only be seen in years old pictures.

The exercise was a perfect blend of nostalgia and art, making the sketching and painting a phenomenal experience to have.

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