First Step Towards Body Memory Architecture

14th August 2012 Published By: – Aastha Parmar

Various kinds of places we visit, play a very crucial role in our lives. We have different feelings associated with different places we visit or stay in and we get attached to those places emotionally.

I recalled some moments from the places I occupied and was attached emotionally with feelings of solitude, intimacy and congregation. Recalling those spaces, I sketched those spaces out of imagination, giving them light, shadow and texture.

The river side is where I use go when I lived in Ahmedabad and this place brings me a strong feeling of solitude. This place also helps to calm my mind and think about different things and various improvements I can make in my sketches.

The sketches represents intimacy and congregation the first sketch is of a pond I visited with my close friend and the second is a cable bridge where people congregates. We just need to stay positive enjoy and keep going

Collage represents my relationship with the world around. As our life is balance of light and dark moments that is good n bad times we should always find some colors and keep going .This collage shows the same light and dark with some colors around.

About Me:

I am Aastha Parmar and I’m 19 years old. I am currently studying in CEPT Ahmedabad. This is one of my first blogs so please do let me know in the comments weather you liked it or not. Stay tuned for more upcoming vlogs.

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