When do we remember the memories we do not remember?

In the last VSR I learned portraits and body sketches and that helped me a lot in this VSR. Otherwise sketching is not something that I’ve done in the past few years I used to when I was small. But during these years I lost my skills for a good portrait or even a small sketch. During these exercises I learned sketches to look good comes last in priority and different factors like proportion, right medium and all other factors comes into place first.

The previous exercise made me learn how to observe and sketch but this added up to memory too. In sketching memory also plays a very important role. We got to visit the childhood photos that we never saw again and relive the memory.  When I saw the photos I remembered what I used to feel about this place or this person and I tried to capture this feeling in these sketches.

Sketching for me is not about looking pretty but its about capturing emotions, And this I learned during these two weeks of VSR. Before that when I was sketching I used to have a lot of pressure to make them look pretty which is not the correct way to do it.

I had not visited my old photograph album in a while and I realized photograph keeps a moment from running away. As soon as I saw the photographs I immediately remembered everything and in addition I also was able to remember what happened on that particular day. And that helped me a lot in the sketches so the sketches I made are from observation as well as some memories.

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