Below the first landing there stands a 6 m tall pit which separates everything from the ground life, My secret place. Sometimes we need to sit in an area which inspires us to simply, just switch off and unwind. Sit back, relax and be inspired. I see myself walking the U turn to a small enclosed space which opens up to a large area with huge walls and some connection with the sky and the pit. It emphasizes the quality of being or feeling lonely and separation from others. The volume in the space gives a different experience to the space.

During these 8 iterations, I realized why this space needs to be combined and secretive. My spaces of solitude, intimacy and congregation needs to be different but in a connection with each space. This connecting of all components together makes a space. And each space gives a different experience.

From the landing at 6 m height from the pit the staircase goes down to the level of solitude, there is an u turn which leads to the Solitude space. Till the space for solitude, there are three different experiences to feel. The U turn gives a separation from other people which leads to a small 2.5 m x 2.5 m room which takes to a large slab which is covered with a huge wall and a pit on sides. This gives an experience of being alone and separated from the world.

Further the landing at -3 m leads to a staircase which goes down to a dark corner which then separates into two paths, one for the space of intimacy and one for the congregation. For both the paths there are different experience dark to light. For intimacy space, there are 2 L-shaped benches opposite to each other in a space with large opening. The people sitting here can see the tree of the courtyard, but they aren’t directly connected with it. I see myself sitting with a bunch of friends in a cozy space which is closed but not fully. A space which is connected with people outside the intimacy space, but in a way that they don’t interfere.

The congregation place have a different experience of itself, the small dark corner leads to a bright large opened space with columns and a tree in-between. There is connection of it with all the spaces, but not in a direct way. To create these spaces I introduced each space with a different spatial experience.

From the very first iteration, I knew what kind of spaces I wanted. But the mistake I made was I made all the spaces individually and when it was time to connect it didn’t connect the way I wanted and the spaces didn’t respond the way I wanted them to be. But after 2 weeks of iterations I learned how to connect all the spaces in such a way that they are not at all connected, but it feels a connection.

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