The inside space

Designing a hideout space inside the pit was a fun task. thinking, visualizing, and feeling how we would want our space to be. Since I like courtyards, trees, open spaces, and light structures I started making the model intuitively, in the beginning, coinciding with my key point. In the being, my model was not up to the mark still the organization and design were to be resolved.

The entire process started by making iterations that were not so coherent concerning my key points and arrangement of the blocks. These few week-long processes helped me think about making concepts directly on the model rather than sketching it. Through this continuing process after a point, I made a model which made a little sense but still, it was not up to the mark.

Iteration 7

I had already decided on the material I want to use concerning my all key aspects. According to my, bamboo would be appropriate to use and from the beginning, I started using bamboo so I can get a sense of the lite space. After so many fluctuations in the iteration, the model was gradually taking shape. At last, I came up with the final iteration in which I have managed to cover all my key aspects. I have used the entire pit with the minimal built form which has courtyardyard organised in different scales with tree cover

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