Reviving the Journey

Starting with the exercise, the very first step was to recollect the memories of a decade earlier which can be done by going through a decade old family photo album. So those memories are shaped up by the people, relationships, family, emotions and place. These are the factors and parameters which I was observing at the first glimpse of each photo and I was recalling the moment for which the photo was taken. Sometime when I fail to recollect the event or moment my mind was developing one and forming a story behind it.

The moment when I started to draw a self portrait, I was observing keenly the details and structure of my face. I was figuring out what features make the changes in the face after a decade and before observing the photo I had an image of myself which was completely different from the photo. By the end of the sketch I realized that the results are slightly different than expected because I have elongated the overall facial structure. One more thing I have noticed is that in the photograph my head is slightly tilted but my mind has somehow neglected that for the ease of the sketch.

I have explored another new medium for the portrait that is watercolor so before that I was using just two mediums which is graphite and pencil colour. While making with watercolor it has some advantage that the medium is fast but also you need to hurry up otherwise it dries up and could be a problem to blend those different shades of colours.

Another part of the exercise of sketching the body figures was also much helpful to understand the body structure of family members a decade ago. Not only me as I was growing up but my parents have also changed a lot in the terms of structure and appearance. And the last part of the exercise to draw spatial profiles builds up a story of where I have visited and what was the journey. So by overall exercise I revive that journey and expedition which I have done a decade ago.

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