Retracing Past Movements

Sketching our memories and our near and dear ones in the morning gave a great start to my day. Among all the different sketches I loved sketching portraits the most. And the best part was exploring mediums. Few mediums were not so easy for me to use and turned out to ruin the sketch but few mediums like charcoal and colour pencils enhanced my sketching skills.

Making portraits for me was time consuming and tedious work but after doing this exercise and exploring different materials allowed me to speed up. At times I have made portraits that took six to eight hours to finish as the details consumed time. After this exercise I could figure out what all details are to be captured in the sketch and what not, what all is needed for a person to get recognized in the sketch and whatnot. Charcoal helped a lot in achieving the right proportions and details along with increasing my sketching speed. Pen too let me to achieve it but it took longer than using charcoal.

Charcoal sketch
Reference for above sketch

Sketching someone from memory was a bit difficult. What we imagine and when we see it in sketch hardly matches. Like in the sketch below I could hardly get the eyes and shape of face correct. The nose and lips are a lot different than the actual person.

Memory Portrait
Photo of actual person

Making bodies from memories was amazing. I observed how we stretch just for painting the wall, and while we bend down to eat when sitting down and the way we use the surrounding objects for the activity.

Body studies

From sketching bodies to spatial profiles, I think spatial profiles let our memory work hard. As we had to think beyond the frame in the photograph and draw from our memory. We mostly the details like switchboard, skirting, window sill, curtains etc. I could hardly remember how the sofa looked (bottom left sketch).

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