Retracing Memory

After introduction to the brief, I started searching for some memorable pictures from the family album. Looking at some of them made me excited to sketch them.

Sketching portraits was a good start to the day and I also got a hang of it as I also sketched portraits in the previous brief too. I improved upon the details of nose which was the major issue for non-identifiable faces in previous brief. But now, I was struggling with cheek curves which became flat and not felt fatty. Hence, in some cases the faces did not resemble the person in the picture.

To capture the depth in sketches I tried a new medium which I didn’t use in previous brief i.e. graphite. It allowed me to capture light and shadow in a better way.

Portrait of 10 year old me with graphite pencils as a medium

Starting off, the photos taken 10 years back were blurry and pixelated so needed a little touch of memory from brain to complete the profiles of the spaces. Even, an hour for sketching profiles of four spaces felt short for me so I rushed through them which is evident from the bold strokes.

Spatial profiles of spaces visited and stayed 10 years ago

While all these had some good and bad points, my body studies was comparatively nice experience. This time with more variety of postures I understood the joints and proportions of the body better and even how to depth in front facing postures.

Body Study Sketches

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