Refreshing the past

This time I tried sketching portraits and human figures from photographs of my old family album. Seeing photos from the album remained me all of the memories of decade ago. The memories which were form by family members, places and emotions. The first thing I recollected looking at the photograph was how and who took the photo, then how the atmosphere was around that time. Sketching from photos helped me to observe the details in it.

As I start sketching portraits, I look into the structure of the face, expression on it, proportions. After looking at the photo from ages ago there was a realization that my face structure has changed a lot. While sketching it out I was facing the same problem that from where should I start sketching. But this time it was easy to work on that as this time facial expressions will not change. I feel think it is an advantage because we can observe more details.

I tried different mediums like graphite, charcoal and crayons. As I used crayons there was an issue to match the tone and providing shadows to it so it was taking lot of time compared to charcoal.

After portraits, next was sketching out human figures. It was more fun to sketch the whole body as I was able to observe the moment and excitement in it. This time it was easier to draw human figures compared to live sketching. Overall the it was new experience of observing things in detail.

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