Recapturing on Paper

This VSR exercise started with finding a decade-old album of photographs which was very exciting about this exercise. Going through those photographs and remembering the spaces and story behind each photograph was pretty interesting. I was excited to sketch out those moments on paper. 

Portraits and self-portraits are mostly about paying attention to features and details of the face for me. I was surprised by my features, which were way different back then but still, there is something that remains the same. This time I also tried to use pencil colors in portraits. It requires more practice but I think it could help a lot to details out sketch. While making those portraits I see that they are a bit improved than last time. 

Body study is pretty exciting and since this time I was drawing from photographs I had enough time to observe body parts and their movement in a specific position. 

Drawing Spatial profiles from photographs is my favorite part of the whole module. It was a good opportunity to recall the blur memories of some places. but for some places even I am shocked by the fact that I still remember that place even beyond the frame of the photograph. Drawing single-line drawing of the place also includes the idea of perspective which was pretty clear for most of the photographs. 

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