Recalling The Past.

In the VSR module after achieving good hand on self and live portraits the second task was to sketch portraits of self or our co-habitants from the decade old photographs. I really enjoyed sketching this exercise but the most favorite part was to find old photographs where I remember my life as a kid and those good old carefree days. I feel really blessed that I belong a joint family where we celebrate every moment and festivals together and click a lot of photographs and have fun. I gathered all the photographs but after going through some of them I wanted to see more so I spent about an hour enjoying the old photographs.

I started sketching portraits of myself, my cousins, my mother and other family members using different mediums. After completing the sketches when I use to go and show it to my family, they were very impressed by the sketches.

This my most favorite portrait out of the six portraits I made during the exercise.

After the portraits the second part was to sketch different posture while doing different activities of our co-habitants with the right proportion and very less details from the photographs. And the last part was to sketch perspective of the spaces seen in the photographs.

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