Practicing to understand proportions

The daily practice of portraits not only gave the understanding of proportions, but also gave the use of different mediums. How to render light and shadow or which colours would help to achieve skin tone. Creating portraits in just an hour felt difficult in the beginning but then dividing half hour to sketch and understand the proportion and the other half for rendering helped to achieve a complete portrait. This also taught some quicker techniques to render like applying a base render in a lighter tone. And then quickly applying dark tones where needed and spreading them to achieve the medium tone. While using the pen I realised  the direction of the strokes defined how the curve is going or it even defined the 3D tone of the face rather than making it look 2d.

While sketching family members back from 10 years it brought a lot of memories alive. It gave an understanding of the scale of children compared to adults and the space in the background. Or how to bring the character of innocence with correspondence to body language.

Sketching the spaces also brought an idea of human scale compared to the space and how they inhabit the space.

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