Out Of Sight

My secret space is inside a pit with depth of 6M where I have created a space for solitude, Intimacy and congregation which are have relation with each other. Forming a space underground is not an easy task. I was having a lot of difficulty in forming the whole space. I wanted to create a space where can spend my time alone and also with my closed ones.

The exercise started from shoebox of random size in which the depth has to be considered as 6M. I wanted to make space using rectilinear planes only. I started making the spaces with respect to the measurement required for a particular space. I tried my iteration during the process as I was having difficulty to have a space with proper volumes, ventilation, light and relationship with each other. But trying out each iteration was really helpful as it was giving me a sense to look into the detail.

After exploring few times, I finally formed a design which was satisfying. In the design, my solitude space is 2.4mX 3m which I feel can complete my requirements is under the entrance stairs and has view of courtyard. The intimacy space is 2.8m X 3.2m which has view of courtyard and has the entrance from the side. Both the spaces are on -3m level. My congregation space is at -6m level. From the entrance I have provided an straight staircase till -3m with a landing in between and then continued the rest in L-shaped staircase next to intimacy space so that people can directly go to the congregation space without disturbing rest two spaces. I have designed flat roof for solitude and intimacy space so that the roof can be also used as terrace from the main entry.

Overall it really enjoyed the process though there were ups and downs but that only helped me to focus and reach the final stage.

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