Nostalgic sketches

Drawing sketches for an hour each day for two weeks recreated the whole nostalgic experience while sketching. Sketching portraits from a decade-old family album made me observe in detail.

I feel at some point the proportions were a bit hard to draw but throughout the process of two weeks, I progressed a little. I found out new hatching techniques with pens and tried it for the first time in portraits, first, it was more difficult than using pencil since I wanted to show the shadow on the face I hatched multiple times at a particular place to get a sense of a shadow and depth. It was a wonderful experience exploring a new medium of sketching portraits.

Then comes the human figure. Sketching human figures has been a challenge for me for a long time and in this exercise, we had to draw humans in clusters. Getting exact proportions was a difficult task for me and to finish that drawing in an hour was too. I had slow progress in drawing human gestures. My human figures are much better than before but not up to the level I want them.

Sketching human gesture

At last, sketching an old interior space was the easiest for me as compared to portraits and human figures. Since I have hold of drawing perspective sketches I could get the entire proportion of the interior space. And line drawing without hatching intrigued me to how to show the depth without hatching. And then adding human gestures in the sketch was a task for me but I am in a state of becoming the drawings are improving at a certain pace.

Sketching an old interior space with line drawing

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