Loop of Secrecy

My Secret Place: a 6M deep pit with minimal construction with spaces of solitude, intimacy & congregation connected by circulation spaces or loops that make one feel part of a larger picture.

Final Model

This exercise was a three-weeks long exploration of spaces, volumes, dimensions, materials, nature of inhabitation and much more. The drastic number of iterations were extremely helpful in being able to develop on ideas and concepts, but at times, digressed iterations too. 

Initial Iteration
Intermediate Iteration

The exercise was structured quite beautifully such that even though there were times when I shifted off-track, I was able to root myself back with whatever feedback and help was given by the tutors and my peers. 

It can be funny how sometimes extra time can act as both a boon and a bane. The number of iterations helped me to reach where I have finally reached with a meticulous design, but also let me go off-track when too many ideas and concepts got mixed up. I had gotten stuck with too many things that were nice elements in themselves but did not seem to integrate well in the first few iterations.

Eventually, I started working very specifically on the feedback and did not start from scratch each time (which initially I used to do, and suffered, obviously). This helped me to focus on each element and gave me time to articulate it with care in the model, plans, sections and even a few sketches. 

Site Level Plan

The staircase, apart from being a means of circulation, aims at prolonging the journey in the second flight so as to give more time to absorb the interactive and playful spaces of congregation on the lowest level. While the space for congregation is easily accessible without much effort, the space for solitude has the longest route and is a destination in itself. An intermediate space for intimacy is placed on the first level between the two flights. Even though it is closed from most sides, there is a jaali wall that lets people interact with the courtyard below. Apart from that, it is more of a bowl in the sky as that is where it derives all its energy from. 

Longitudinal Section
Final Model

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