Giving Form to Feelings and Imagination

Making a secret pit for me, my three friends and 16 guests was a joyful experience. The pit is 15 m long in North-South direction and 10.75 m wide in East-West direction. This pit has three different spaces having different nature.

As one enters the pit and climbs down to -1 level floor, they reach a space created for solitude. The primary user here is me. This space is kept semi open and well lit with proper light and ventilation. A planter is added on this level to let people climb down stairs instead of entering the space for solitude. 

Staircase leading to space of solitude

Going further down to -2 level we enter the space of congregation. There are two steps given for 15 guests to sit together.

plan viel of the pit

Going down the steps given through the space of  congregation we reach the space of intimacy. This space is mostly kept open. It also has few plants to enhance the environment of the space along with a swing for us to sit there together.

View showing space for intimacy and congregation

The base idea in this design was controlling the circulation. Space of intimacy having maximum privacy and space of congregation having least privacy. The led to a circulation branching out into different spaces.

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