From Part to Whole

The two-weeks long process of sketching portraits, human figures and spaces from photographs proved to be quite a diverse method of getting set for work and keeping in mind the importance of observation. 

In the process of giving an hour a day, apart from some skill I majorly feel that I developed the sense of catching details in depth with time and also remembering the moments some photographs were clicked in. The photographs from a family album from a trip almost a decade ago. The exercise also made me relive certain scenarios again while I spent an hour sketching out the features, shadows and textures. 

Portrait study

I noticed how different we all looked 10 years ago, as so we must with the passage of time. Yet I realised that the most prominent features of every face remained almost the same when I looked at them in person today. 

Portrait of my younger brother from 10 years ago

Portraits of my younger brother, mother and father turned out to be a fun experience as I noticed some features in their faces while sketching which otherwise I never observed! Even though these are the three people I spend most of my time with, it was this process of sketching that made me realise so many new things. 

Portrait of my mother from 10 years ago

Human figures, The most intimidating part of the exercise for me, certainly made me feel at ease finally with practise. I did not expect myself to feel this, but this was the first time I enjoyed the process of sketching human figures by hand. 

Study of human figures from the photographs

Sketching interior spaces and their inhabitants was a decent process, it did not interest me as much as the other two segments of the exercise. But there were quite a few moments of observation in depth about perspective, framing of sketches while trying to make the surroundings of a space in the photograph, a little by memory, a little by observation of typical spaces. 

Sketching of interior spaces from photographs

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