Enlivening our mornings

The second week of our classes also began with a similar warming up exercise except that this time we had to sketch from decade old family photo albums. After finding these old photographs we were supposed to sketch portraits, body studies, and spatial profiles of spaces in the photographs. The exercise was meant for us to let loose and have fun with these drawings which is exactly what I did. Dedicating one hour everyday before class to these sketches warmed up my arm and set the mood for working throughout the day.

The best part about the exercise was that there were no restrictions on the medium to use, we had a wide array of mediums from which we could choose. I experimented with microns, oil pastels, water colour and colour pencils.

After these three weeks of loosening up exercises, I think I have a better eye at catching details and a better understanding of accurate proportions of the human face and body. Making quick line drawings of spatial profiles of spaces, I have a better grasp at freehand drawing. 

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