Delve Into Earth

After a week of exercise to understand how the space of solitude, intimacy and congregation can change the space of inhabitation there was furthermore to explore. Now I am looking into how these spaces are formed, what parameters or elements could be used to achieve that quality in the space. So the task was to design a space for each type in the 6m deep pit. And the fun fact was that the size of the pit will be decided by a shoebox as we have to consider the height of the shoebox as 6m and then other two dimensions could be derived.

I have started the design problem with the play of rectilinear planes in which the play of surfaces forms the quality of space which I want to create. But somewhere it does not give the sense of space we are trying to form but the journey or play of movement was something that I can still learn from that iteration. Also I have added one more challenge to break the strong rectilinear lines of the pit by introducing the soft curves in the pit. To achieve that I have to explore a new material which reflects my idea best and that I found with terracotta clay.

After those iterations, I realised that the language of the overall design and layout of the different spaces should be thought about more and need many layers of exploration and iterations. Then I decided to make the whole design in monolith material because two different materials, one which is thin and light and at another one is mass and heavy are difficult to blend in a single design. Also I loved to carve out the spaces which resembled burrows carved under the mass of the staircase. The openings in those two spaces differentiates them with one another as solitude has a larger opening to have a view of the outside and intimate space has numbers of skylights which gives light and ventilation to the space.

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