Building a “four-walled” space is one thing but making a living space with each space having a thought process behind it and a phenomenal ambience to it is a completely different thing. There’s a sense of movement, an experience that the space is trying to provide and a feeling of belonging to it especially when it comes to private spaces like solitude and intimacy.

 In the current module we did the same. We created a dream space in a pit which is six meter deep having a designated congregation, intimate and solitude spaces with each being carefully designed to correlate the requirements, yet have a sense of individuality to it with the associated designer, or in this case, us.

The design process began by deciding on an experience, understanding the sizes and scales of respective spaces, putting them together and creating a movement and a sense of flow across each space. Throughout the process multiple models, sketches, plans and sections were made regarding each iteration. This process was repeated multiple times to come up with a concrete idea.

the first iteration i made was very boxy and lack any sense of diversity when it comes to architectural elements. In the next few designs i played with the arrangements of different spaces but struggled to fully utilize the pit size and with the amount of construction. furthermore i struggled with keeping the privacy of some spaces intact.

ultimately i came to a decision to keep the less private spaces first in the movement across the spaces and more private spaces later in the design while keeping the privacy of intimate area and solitude intact.

The module not only taught me, how to make a solitude, intimate and a congregation space but also what makes the space what they intended to be, moreover I explored on multiple movements across the spaces and different experiences, furthermore I developed a design process and how to achieve a near to flawless design.

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