A Secrete Place.

After sketching the spaces of inhabitation connected to the emotions of solitude, intimacy and the congregation. Now the task was to create those spaces out of our visualization in the form of a model. The task was to create an underground house which provides  a place of solitude, an intimate space for four and a congregation space for another fifteen. As it is a secret house it was to be created underground. The space is to be created six meters below the ground so this space will have an experience and environment which is different from the normal houses.

The first step was to find a shoe box. This shoe box represents the pit where the space has to be created. It was a three week long exercise so I’ve tried many different iterations of the model and I also faced a problem as I couldn’t resolve the placement of stairs, but after many discussions and design at last I came up with a model with better stairs. But still it was an fun exercise to create space we imagine as per our emotions of solitude, intimacy and congregation. 

I created my model according to space I visualize, so for my solitude space I wanted a open space yet away from other spaces so I created it on another floor. I also wanted my intimacy space to be open but private as well so created it below the space of solitude and created my congregation space in the opposite corner. I planted a tree and some planters to make my space alive.

The final model with the spaces of solitude, intimacy and congregation.
This image show open solitude space above and a private yet open intimacy space below it.

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