Lessons Through Secret Space

The real fun is designing a hideout space. It also has a great story behind it. This is a 6 m deep pit as a space. Only me and my three friends know about it, it is hidden from the whole world outside. We design and build that space. After that, we decided to invite the fifteenth of our close friends to the secret space. This kind of story gave me a personal connection with the space. 

To design the space of solitude, intimacy, and congregation, I recalled what I learned from the last exercise. What kind of space I need for solitude and intimacy, what kind of space is most appropriate for a congregation, based on my experiences was pretty clear for me. 

I didn’t need to worry about texture and material much. But it was also a challenge to create a specific experience just through forms and not a texture. At first, I started with the idea of how I would like the space to be for myself. In that sense, it was easy cause I was already sure about the characteristic of the space where I can feel or experience those emotions. 

But further when I jumped into all the technicality, somewhere, somehow, I forget about the experience I wanted in that space. Trying to resolve technical issues in the design made me realize that it is never enough just to do it based on the feedback I get. It is extremely important to keep in mind all the feedback that peers got. 

Anyways coming back to the design, I learned the biggest lesson about how important it is to always put the experience of the space first. What I learned from this is it’s very important to consist that initial idea you begin with. One should never change that main essence of the design. Coming to the skills I used or developed during this whole process is mostly model making and also technical drawings. 

Going further in the design process I tried to come back to the first design where I tried to fulfil different requirements of different spaces in terms of experience and emotions it leads to. I also try to improve upon how specific space could be able to lead to the exact emotions that I am trying. Then later on trying to working with a specific grid and making plans and sections with that, helped me to organize the whole space in a particular manner.

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