Sketches of Hope

Sketching from observation of human faces and bodies is a process I have always tried to avoid until now as a student. But these two weeks of attempts at making the same was more about a process of realization of how important the skill can be in trying to understand human feelings through expressions and actions rather than getting lookalike portraits, for me. The portraits of some of my friends, a self-portrait and a few attempts at sketching out my neighbors in their daily actions were definitely some things that put me out of my comfort zone. But the process has definitely opened up the gates of wanting to be better at understanding and drawing from observation the human figures that I so often surround myself with. 

Sketches of the Human Body
Color Portrait

The portraits and body sketches were to be made in a time frame of 60 minutes which I believe were a means to keep focus on exactly what was to be drawn out on paper. This made me look at light and shadow, differences of textures and proportions more than anything else. Yes, the translation of these observations onto paper is something I must deeply improve upon. But fortunately, the amount of time and effort spent on the process was just enough to make me more enthusiastic, willing and skillful in being able to try to sketch better and more often in the coming weeks. 

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