Sketchbook: Collection of Gestures

Sketching is one’s expression of how they seek, think and feel about it. It is a tool for recording experiences and exploring ideas. It shows the reflection of the world and its relationship with me which gives the glimpse of how I engage with the surroundings. To make a mark or stroke is the fundamental characteristic of human nature. This is a remarkable medium to transfer the information with others without any dilemma. But the technique and method to represent are important at sometimes. So it’s a good practice to follow this language and sharpen the skills of sketching from time to time.

By the means of the exercise I got a chance to explore a new medium to capture the characteristics of a person. Though this was my first attempt at portrait but I still tried to draw the character of the person rather than producing an art piece. This allows me to look upon the proportion and anatomy of the face in much more detail compared to when I meet people usually. So I realised that sketching helps to maintain focus and observe certain things deeply which matters to me or affects me. Also the exercises are meant to be completed in a certain time limit so it gives the freedom to a stroke rather than thinking about what if I ruined this.

The pencil strokes defining the structure of face with play of light and shadow.

The sketching portraits of different people gives the idea of how multiple personalities look different or which part or character are more influential. Not only different people but two artists also can perceive the same person differently. By drawing self portraits it gives the sense that I have a slightly different picture of myself in my mind so the two iteration of self portraits helps to decipher that. Sometimes the world reads you completely differently than you thought of.

The texture in this portrait is important which is derived by the medium of pencil colours.

Then sketching complete human figures by observation from my surroundings gives the sense of structure of people. The activity they are following or the space they inhabit also affects the structure of their body. Sketching them during daily routine gives the realization of how they inhabit the space, following the furniture and the activity they engaged with. These sketches also shouldn’t  necessarily be art pieces but enough to depict the story of their activity and how they engaged in it.

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