Observing the Features

Every single person in the world has very distinctive and different characteristics. We are all molded in completely different ways. Even the texture of the skin differs from person to person. 

It was my first time observing and studying the faces and bodies of people. While initially I felt nervous, I was also excited to try something new. 

The process of making portraits was extremely interesting to me as I learned that I had to continuously observe each person’s face, while simultaneously duplicating them on paper. I had more control over the sketches I made with pencil because I could always go back and improve certain things. With watercolours, the process was quicker and more spontaneous. Making a sketch of my sleeping cousin was my favorite as I felt the need to capture the calm on her face. 

Making self-portraits was harder for me because I already had a preconceived notion of how I looked, and no amount of observing could change that. As a result of using different mediums, I came up with very different results.  

The body sketches depicted people doing various activities. I had to quickly capture the way a lot of people were positioned before they changed their stance. 

With each sketch, I became more and more aware of how each of the people looked and their features. Whenever I sketched these features, I felt as if my hand was running over all of their bumps and curves. As my first experience observing someone close up, I have found it enjoyable enough to continue.

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