Observe and capture

Sketching is the distinctive form of drawing in which the designer observe, glances and captures it. Sketching a portrait is the most difficult thing because we need to capture the proper texture and shadows of the face. After two weeks of sketching, I quite feel happy to attempt more portraits and body studies. Starting a day with 1 hour of sketching can make a lot of difference. Firstly, It helped me to wake up in the morning. After a long break, the practice of sketching and waking was lost so it helped me to improve and observe the details in a more detailed way. At first, it was difficult for me to start as I was confused about where I should start. Should I start with hair or face shape or eyes or eyebrows? But after making a few strokes the hand got used to it and it was much easier.

To capture a stable thing into the sketch is easy but to capture the moving being is quite difficult as expressions and postures change every few seconds. In portrait sketching we have to observe just the facial expressions but in body study we need to see whole body movement.

Portrait of old man reading newspaper
small boy looking at his mom

Capturing human activities is a task. Observing the person who changes their body posture every minute and then sketching it in a certain period of time like in an hour is not an easy task. We don’t even know whether that person will be there or not. So making quick sketches can help it. After making a rough sketch with proper proportion we can add more details and later shadow and textures.

Body studies of people around me
Body study of people around me

The whole process was so amazing that it taught me so much. The amount of effort and time was worth it. My first sketch wasn’t perfect. My first sketch was a haphazard scribbling of my ideas. But the vulnerability was empowering. I could see a lot of scope for improvement.

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