Observation and expression

The basic line drawing and minor hatching gives the character of entire face

sketching is an expressive medium through which one can understand one’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions. The presence of the mind can be achieved through sketching. We can show the reflection of our perception of the world by expressing ourselves through pen and paper and one can use different mediums to express precisely the experience. Sometimes it helps us in calming our anxiety, worry, sadness, or depression by articulating our emotion on paper. It is indeed a great thing to do just to bring ourselves up.

As a result of this exercise, I could sketch portraits using different strokes and mediums and learned how to get a perfect proportion of the face. Even though I found it quite difficult to get the exact proportion, I managed to get a precise proportion through practice and course of time. And as I continued the practice for two weeks I started observing more and more details of the face and I got completely present as I was giving my undivided attention to sketching portraits. And eventually, I started taking less time in sketching the portrait. Since there was a time limit to this exercise and due to practice I started drawing more intuitive strokes and started getting the character of the face in the first attempts.  

My observation got more and more as I started observing the people around me and started quick drawing the body gesture of them. And as time passed my observation of the human anatomy got increased and a sense of how a human stands, sit, sleep, works which give me a rough idea about how to start drawing human. I observed the body language when they speak, act, walk due to which how it affects the surrounding. Though I found it quite hard to sketch humans than portraits I also learned that. I found an interesting thing that drawing humans with thicker pencil strokes was much easier.

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