With every line, shading and texture I started to focus more on each part of the structure whether it was a portrait or a body sketch. I realized there is a lot to feel and understand even from a single stroke of the line. As I started to sketch all the lines came into place and made a structure of the face then the shading and textures added the feel of the face. I feel like this portraits that I’ve made will help me memorize this faces for the future.

I started the portrait with light lines then added some shadows and smudge them and then at last made fine details so I got to learn a lot from a single portrait.

The figures that I’ve made are very random like I walk through my home or society and just sketch out people. It helped me focus more on proportions of the body.

I really enjoyed the whole VSR exercise it was something new for me. Usually I don’t make portraits and these kind of sketches but because of it I started to focus on it loved it. The most positive point about VSR was it really helped recharge our mind and body before the studio. I feel what VSR has done to me is from now on if there is or isn’t VSR I’ll keep this consistency and make portraits and body sketches and improve them day by day . Because till today I didn’t think about face proportions and stuff but now I am very curious to how I’ll correct my proportions of portraits and body sketch. And how will I make them as that they have some feeling and emotion to it.

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