Expression of body

Humans generally express their emotion through their body. In visual and spatial representation help me to study and observe the expression of human faces and body. How human posture of setting their activity sketches in routine life teach me about their body moment their expressions. I’m always scared to draw human body and faces but this exercise gives me a confidence that “practice makes the proportion and strokes right.” the experience while sketching it gives me confidence on my stokes. portrait is something that I found difficult because the expression of face have to capture is takes a lot of patience and observation. even this has to complete on time that’s why it’s gives me a speed of quick observation and sketch.

Medium: Water color( Portrait )

In attempt of water color portrait first time the proportion of eyes are gone off but this portrait I like the most. the textures and color increase the Expression and emotion of face. I thought the portrait is most difficult to draw but I found ease while doing water color portrait.

Self portrait
Body study

In body study the difficult part to capture the body moment. while completing last sketch I learn that how human body, expression in portraits are important.

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