Experience of Face Capturing

While being the part of the studio, I attempted portrait making for the first time. Making portraits helped me understand the expressions and how to capture them though in the initial sketches it was a little difficult for me to capture them as smiles turned out to be something else. Also, with the change in medium I learnt ways to capture light and shadow. In charcoal the depth of face came out really well but when tried with watercolors the portrait looked as if a designed cartoon character i.e. with no effect of light and shadow.

My first attempt of making self-portrait with charcoal.

While making portraits the fingers of mind felt the touch of form of the face its depressions and other formations. The toughest part to capture was the depression of eyes and the curve of nose. I felt that these features were the most important to create resemblance between the person in actual and the portrait which I think I can improve upon.

Portrait of a family member with first use of watercolor as medium in portrait.

While taking care of how to capture the facial features, expressions, light and shadow, use of medium, etc. I felt that the state of mind also plays an important role. It affects the output a lot as per my experiences while making these portraits. For instance, after looking at others work I was inspired to try watercolor as a medium which I have not experienced yet a lot. I tried it with curiosity and hope for the portrait above for the first time and it turned out really well.

Our mind is habited to see colorful portraits or black and white so when we draw from observing colored faces and sketching with a single colored crayon or any other medium its a tricky task for mind to convert that info of form to monochromatic color and for hand, to capture it in sketch.

Portrait of another family member with orange oil pastel crayon.

Capturing faces with the rest of body allows to capture and understand gestures. While making sketches for body studies, I learnt to capture the essence of posture with minimal lines. While sketching some postures, I learnt to understand the center of gravity, with the correct placement of which the sketch gets its life.

Body Study Sketches of family members.

When all of this adds up with a bit of practice the result is amazing.

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