Details captured, just in a glance

While trying to capture a face into a sketch, a frame changes a bit every time. A person also sometimes moves a bit, but the mind eventually tries to focus on important things for sketch and sketch it out.

It’s fun to sketch out faces from the surrounding. While making portraits of family members, I learn so much about faces and how to represent those things in the sketch. I noticed some new things about my family members’ faces that I never pay attention to before. Trying to show wrinkles on grandma’s face was something new and interesting for me. Light and shadows coming over a face also play a huge role in the sketch.

Self-portraits are a unique experience for me. Looking towards my own face to sketch it out made me look at it in a different way. Trying to capture details and shapes of the face and then put them on paper through some strokes. As I’m capturing myself only, a frame was likely to be less unstable.

Then coming toward the capturing body movements. Here so many body movements have been sketched out. Different people from surroundings have been captured while doing an activity which is most likely to keep them in one position for some time that it could be sketched out the way it is. It helped me to understand the human body and its different positions.

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