Bringing Body and Mind Together

When this semester started, we were introduced to an exercise called VSR which has different parts through out the semester. This exercise is scheduled at the beginning of the day, an hour before our studio starts.

As the studio’s title is Body Memory and Architecture, it is very important to center ourselves, i.e. bringing our mind and body together and this sketching sessions helps us in doing so. In the first part, which was two weeks long we had to sketch self-portraits, portraits and human figures (body studies).

Self-Portrait made using different mediums.

Portraits and self-portraits helps in increasing observation and focusing skills and it also gives insight into self concept. As an artist and admirer of art I like portraits but I’ve tried a very few as I was not much confident about it and had a fear of going wrong. But this exercise helped me to gain confidence, I went a little wrong at the start about face details but gradually practicing everyday helped me focus and make details precisely. I started with self portrait because it helps to tackle the figure and with more practice one can develop hold of depicting people and sketching. Self-portrait is the most introspective of art forms, creating a self-portrait gives artistic freedom as its you, so you can create yourself however you want without having any fear of going wrong and worrying about anything.

Portraits of my family and friends,

After having a grip on self portraits I started with portraits of my family, friends and co-habitants. The more I feel, render the portraits, the more depiction of people I get and also achieve confidence. Same as self portraits, here also I tried three different mediums, so it also helped me to explore different mediums and getting comfortable with them.

The third part was body-studies i.e. to sketch human figure doing daily life activates, practicing human figures has so much to offer, it helps to understand proportions and how human body reacts to while doing daily life activities and how human occupies a space.

I practiced human of different age and size doing different daily activities which helped to understand how different people will do different activates and how their body reacts.

This exercise was really fun, I achieved self-esteem and confidence in making portraits. I enjoyed and I look further for more of these kind of exercises.

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