Bodily expressions

Self portrait

Sketching portraits is about observing features, texture and light-shadow. I have being into making portraits, but for this exercise it was to be completed in an hour. observing everything and sketching it helped me improve on making decisions about up to what extend should the portrait be detailed, should I show the eyelashes in detail or should I more focus on capturing the expression of the eyes.

portrait showing tilted face of a friend
line drawings of human activities

Observing human activities and sketching it in short time is a bit difficult, as the object we observe is not steady. We get a glimpse of them and we draw. Line drawing helped to capture the stretches, postures and movements of the humans. I got to realise how wonderfully a human body responds to gravity. The body also reflected what emotions and expressions they had while doing their activities. For instance, in the image above, the girl (first sketch from top left) is feeling bored and is using her phone, her body posture seems bored by having her head leaned on her hand, and her hands resting on her legs.

line drawings of human activities

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