Revisiting spaces

We interact with our surroundings in a number of different ways, both physically and emotionally. There are spaces where we have deep conversations, spaces where we talk to ourselves and spaces, we all gather. We remember these places because they have special memories associated with them. Every architectural space holds special meaning to it.

Recreating these spaces from memory was a great experience. Not only I get to revisit my childhood home my grandparents’ home but also it gave me a newer perspective to look at those spaces. Making these sketches while keeping the light and shadow intact and remembering the texture was quite difficult but integral to the process. It was important to bring life into the sketches. Furthermore, sketches from observations were made. This was to identify spaces of intimacy, congregation and solitude in present. Moreover, plans and sections of these spaces were made to bring out the essence of these spaces.

The way our body perceives our surroundings all the time can tell us a lot of things about ourselves. The collage we made did something similar to us. It helped in channeling our emotions and feelings about our surroundings and the world in general. The collage here shows what I look for when things feel bleak or disheartening; I look for hope.


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