The Emotions in Spaces

We all have a deep value for each space we have visited in our lifetime, regardless of whether we are aware of it or not. Sketching these spaces and moments evoked exactly the same feelings in me as experiencing them in the past. My greatest surprise was that, despite starting with a blank canvas, with each stroke I remembered more and more details about the space, like the crack on the wall of our veranda. 

My childhood sketches of places of intimacy, solitude, and congregation reminded me of the people in my life at the time, the objects in the space, and even their smell and feel.

Making sketches of spaces of solitude, intimacy and congregation present in front of my eyes felt a lot different as I had to observe and sketch them simultaneously. The focus was in the detail rather than the emotions.  

The collage illustrates how the brain, which runs millions of thoughts at once, works with the other senses, such as the eyes and ears, to make it possible for me to experience the world in all its beauty.

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