Through Memories And Observations

The emotions one feels at some point in time are incredible that they leave a permanent impact on oneself. They always stay in one’s head as a memory. There are also things that one is experiencing in the present. Experiences of solitude, intimacy and congregation are tried to recapture on paper through sketches. While trying to recapture memories as a sketch, I understood many more aspects of those experiences and tried to put them on paper as they were.

Present experiences are based on observations. They are more about how things are rather than how it feels. 

The most complicated relationship is between yourself and the world. To explain my relationship with the rest of the world is shown through a collage. It is about how I feel about myself and the world around me. A rainbow colour in the body shows all different types of emotions, thoughts and ideas inside. Flowers and fire on the outside in the blue world represent good experiences or difficulties at different points.

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