Spaces of Solitude, Intimacy and Congregation from brain and eyes

Memory and feelings plays an important role in what we learn. They change the experience of the moment when we recall them. They are also associated with the surrounding environment as we experience solitude, intimacy and congregation. To remember those memories and the environment around in order to understand the space as to why it provided solitude or intimacy or congregation I did an exercise of sketching.

The first exercise was about recalling those memories on paper to identify a space for each of the three emotions. As memory don’t have exact details stored in mind, while sketching I tend to make mistakes in terms of architectural elements as I was unsure about it location. While sketching space for intimacy, my mind felt happy as I recall the talks with people of most importance in my life.

Moving further, I sketched spaces around from observing which brought a very clear picture on paper as no details were missed. There were cases when I found intimacy and congregation in a single space but going deeper into the meanings of these words, helped me sort a space out of them. While making the observation sketches, I also explored the environment of the space while helped evoke the feeling.

After all the sketches were made, I realized that my satisfaction lied in the sketches made from memory for providing justice to the words – solitude, intimacy and congregation.

A slightly part of the exercise was making a collage to represent myself in context of the world to show what makes me an unique individual. There were many skills, emotions that I experienced often, etc. which could be displayed but with a specific papersize, I needed to make a choice of the words to depict that best suits me.

At the end of all, I learnt to see spaces from memory with a different perspective and remember details while creating the new.

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