Reflation of memory and observation in sketch

Memory and observation in sketches in three terms of situation solitude, intimacy and congregation. solitude is about the space from are memory or current space which I can live alone for sometimes ” A space where I can feel my soul ” from my memory I spent my most of time of in lockdown in my balcony seat on one step down floor.

Solitude: Every morning in my lockdown I seat on this floor and take my morning tea and watch out side and feel the beautyof the nature.

Intimacy is the space where I can spent my time with my friend or my person. from my memory in my teenage me and my sister spent most of time in garden in front my old house. we live in joint family we found this space where we can talk and seat for an long hours. she is my elder sister that’s why she always climb up on tree and seat on it’s branch.

Intimacy: This is not just a space it is best time of my childhood with my sister.
Congregation: A space where me and my all living mates meet here for eating. we talk on how was a day some random joke we seat some time for watching T.V.
Congregation: Plan of the above sketch.
Congregation: Section from above plan.

In collage of my mind and it’s relationship to the world. I used two colors from a perspective of society for girl child and boy child. The brown color of my soul is not change whether in blue perspective or pink.

Collage: Representing through collage my Emotion, body to the world.

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