Observing in the Past and Present

Spaces are related to elements; like light and shadow , unbuilt and built, living and non-living. Other than these space also consists of individuals’ perspective and emotions. Different bodies react differently to every space. Architecture can influence one’s reaction to the space but can not control it. It could be influenced by the massing, lighting and texture of the elements in the space. All this add upon making our experiences and memories.

Past, present and future builds up memories. But the true memories lies in the past. Memories are mostly made out of our observations. One observation tries to influence another observation. The brains mostly neglects minor details in the memory. while recollecting my experiences from my memory sketching it, I realised that most of the elements of my memory are the ones that really affected me how I felt at the very moment. Like in the sketch below I could Hardly recollect the time or proportion of the space. It were the trees and hierarchical movement, being dominant in my memory.

A sketch depicting solitude from nine year old memory

In the sketch below, it was the openness above the rooftop, and the majestic chhatris that bought an intimate feeling to us. But we hardly can recollect whether the chhatris were carved or not.

A tour to Udaipur

At times memories have a great impact on us. we can recollect the actual space just by closing our, and there we reach back in the past to visualise it. I remember this congregate space of us, visiting it weekly to gossip and take a break for the daily chaos. It is from some four years back in time.

An evening gossip

This place sketched in the image below has always being solitery for me. The space passes me grateful vibes, having plants around, and a peaceful environment. Sketching this sketch bought me to observe mere details present in the space, like four holes on the backrest. Even machine, being the odd one out from the natural objects around, was not noticed until I observed it for sketching.

Solance in surrounding

This space shown below is made for connecting two building, but I have often observed this space being used by the students as a break out space.

Bridge bridging people

A place were fellow mates gather for breaks or to discuss. This is place had more to observe how each individual reacted and the space they occupied. Every individual has the similar chair and table, but they tend to sit differently. and when sit collectively as a group they try to make eye contacts and face each other.

World is being filled by building, but there is lot of space, ;ot of empty space. The universe is infinite. we experience most of the world through sight, which is supported by the light. The world has Mother Nature to beautify the experience. But like objects have light and shadow, so dies the world and body has. Body senses the surroundings but its not always in totality. its not always light and dark, there is presence of translucency. World would be caged by the habitation, but the body is blessed by habitation.

Interelation of body and the world

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